True Crime Masterclass

by Christopher Berry-Dee

Welcome to THE True Crime Masterclass.

Join Bestselling author Christopher Berry-Dee on a grim road trip to murder most foul. For the first time ever, Christopher reveals how to write an intriguingly dark book about murderers and the mayhem they ignite. Offering his unique insight, and delving into the minds and crimes of extremely violent killers, this series reveals the secrets to accessing the most evil people on earth.

Christopher draws on his experience as a world-renowned investigative criminologist, he offers advice on how he has gained the trust of killers across the world, entered their high security prisons and encouraged them to discuss in detail their shocking crimes. Across the series Christopher provides unique tips and tricks he has picked up over his years as a Best-Selling true crime author and gives viewers all the know how they need to write a book of their own.

From choosing who to write about, how to research and conduct interviews, the writing process and how to get published…

The True Crime Writing Masterclasses are a must for any budding writer.

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Writing Masterclass

Christopher Berry-Dee is the man who talks to serial killers. He is a world-renowned investigative criminologist, a Times bestseller and the country’s number one true crime author. A former HM Royal Marines Commando, Christopher has interviewed, interrogated and corresponded with over thirty of the world’s most notorious killers including Henry Lee Lucas, Dennis Nilsen, Kenneth Bianchi, Harvey Louis ‘The Hammer’ Carignan’, Kenneth Allen McDuff, Ronald DeFeo Jr., Paul Beecham, Keith Hunter Jespersen, William Heirens, and convicted Al Qaeda terrorist Jack Khalid Roche.

Over the years, he has conducted interviews with some of the world’s most evil men and women deep inside the bowels of some of the world’s toughest prisons, producing a unique set of audio and video interviews, he also has hundreds of handwritten correspondence with notorious killers in which they describe their crimes.

Christopher has collated these interviews into multiple astounding, disturbing books. He draws on all of these sources to paint a picture allowing the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of the people who have committed the worst crime possible – to mercilessly take the life of another human being.

Across his career he has released 36 books which have been bought by millions and have gone on to become true crime classics. From chilling studies such as the Talking with Serial Killers series, Dead Men Talking, and Born Killers, to investigative chronicles like Prime Suspect featuring the infamous John Cannan. They have been published in international languages including Japanese, Russian, Polish, and German, establishing him as a ground-breaking author.

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 1 - Getting Started

In his first Masterclass, Christopher tells of how he got into the business of serial killers and how a happy coincidence led to the publication of his first book and a ground-breaking TV series. Revealing the little things that make a great book, and the pitfalls of writing for the wrong reasons, he also explains the distinctive styles of fact,...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 2 - Catching A Killer

How do you catch a killer? For the first time, Christopher describes the life changing experiences of field research, visiting prisons, police stations, and crime scenes, and the reality of meeting real life violent killers. He gives watchers the tricks to getting to meet inmates like kidnapper, extortionist and murderer Michael Sams. He explain...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 3 - Literary Style

In this episode Christopher discusses the importance of establishing your writing style and how to develop it. Christopher demonstrates the importance of field research over armchair expertise, to breath the atmosphere before creating the story. A research methodology reflected in Christopher’s own writing style, an in-depth travelogue and con...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 4 - Writing Process

So how do you get a book published? In this lesson, Christopher reveals how to create a unique selling point, ways to find a common thread linking killers within your writing. He outlines the importance of choosing a provocative title, like Dr Nutball: The Shrink from Hell to reel in not just the reader but the publisher. He offers a unique insi...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 5 - Great Expectations

In this Masterclass, Christopher delves into what to expect once you’ve found a publisher. What happens after you put your pen down and have been published, that’s only the start. Christopher explains the nitty gritty of the writing game, how to best get a book out there and the pitfalls of literary agents and self-publishing. Christopher de...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 6 - How Boris Dunnit

This episode Christopher chats with budding author Boris Coster, who recently published his first true crime book with Christopher’s guidance. Boris describes being gripped by a story in the local newspaper, enthralled by the endlessly dark tales of Broadmoor Hospital. He reveals by following Christopher’s advice his passion went from an onl...

Christopher Berry-Dee’s True Crime Masterclass - Episode 7 - Infamous Cases

In this episode Christopher reveals his most shocking experiences meeting some of the worst killers on the planet. From the crocodile tears of Cathy May Wood, to helping solve a cold case, to an invitation to be the best man of a cannibal killer, Christopher’s time in the world psychopaths, killers, and savages is truly the stuff of nightmares...