The Eligible Chef

The Man, The Legend

Meet Martin Huntley; The Eligible Chef. He’s travelled the world for work, and pleasure, and now he’s inviting YOU into his home to join him for an evening of food and fun.

Have you ever asked someone on a date, agreed to cook a meal for a friend, or offered to host a dinner party but had no idea what to cook? Then the eligible chef is here to help!

Join Martin live and interactive and get some ideas for simple easy to cook recipes that don’t need hours of preparation or special ingredients. With Martin’s experience and gift of the gab you will soon have the confidence of how to cook a quick meal, using your everyday products from regular supermarkets, farm shops, and convenience stores.

From ready cooked meals that are repackaged, to fresh ingredients that are lobbed in an air fryer. Impress your dates, mates and family, and leave them in awe of your culinary skills.

Who is the Eligible Chef?

Martin is not actually a Chef but he does love to cook and he lives alone so enjoys any opportunity to share his culinary efforts – whether they are masterpieces to show off, munchies-fuelled comfort creations or a twist on a basic breakfast.

Martin is also not a Presenter but he does know how to talk and talk whilst being filmed. He likes to engage with fellow foodies so may, at times, invite someone to join him in the kitchen.

Martin is well travelled, through business and pleasure, and enjoys many different cuisines so will be showing you his version of some in this series.

This makes him Eligible to entertain you in his kitchen so that you might find confidence and ideas to entertain friends in yours.

The Eligible Chef Episode 1 Chilli Chicken and Cashew Nut

Martin’s cooking for his niece today. He & Rebecca have shared many worldwide travels together so when he asked what she’d like for dinner, it was no surprise she asked for Thai food.
Join Martin as he prepares his version of some of their favourite dishes while catching up with Rebecca who will also be keeping an eye on your messa...