Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Picture this?

Picture This TV is a new live streaming platform offering a variety of shows giving you, the viewer, an insight into hobbies and activities that interest you for a very affordable subscription, with the opportunity to engage with the presenters as well as returning to watch on demand at a later time.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

You can either use PayPal or a debit/credit card.

  • What do you do with all my personal data?

You can find our full privacy policy with covers how we use your data to provide our services at

  • Can I be logged in on more than one device?

Yes you can log in on as many devices as you need.

  • Can I watch a video without being subscribed to the channel?

Register an account with us, at no cost, and free trailers will be available.  When you have decided which shows appeal to you, a subscription will be required to watch.

  • If I cancel my subscription do I get to continue to watch for the month?

You will have full access to your subscribed show/s until the end of your final payment month.

  • How does the chat work?

Whilst watching a show you will see a chat box which, if you prefer, can be opened in a separate tab. Asking questions and sharing your thoughts as you watch will, we believe, give you an interactivity which will enhance your viewing experience.  We just ask that your comments are brief, kind and relevant.

  • Can I do my own show?

Maybe! At Picture This TV we are always on the look out for up and coming talent. Watch this space for more information!

  • What if I miss the live viewing?

Just select your show and you’ll find previous episodes all in one place.

  • How do I purchase a membership on line?

To purchase your subscription of choice, click the Subscriptions tab at the top of page and scroll down to ‘Choose your plan’

  • Is there an age restriction to sign up?

You must be at least 16 years of age to become a member of the Picture This TV service. Minors may only use the service under the supervision and permission of an adult.

  • How do I find a show on Picture This?

Type the show name into the ‘Search’ box at the top right of the screen, or click on ‘Shows’ at the top left of the screen – you may even see something new that you didn’t know about too.

  • I cant log in. What do I do?

If you are having any issues with your account, please contact and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible to figure out what’s going wrong.

  • Can I gift people shows to watch?

Currently we don’t offer a gift option, however we will revisit this as we develop.

  • Are there any set up fees to create an account?

Not only does it cost you nothing to create an account, we won’t ‘spam’ your inbox either.

  • Do we get a trial?

The trailers are free and we believe our shows are worth the very affordable subscription.

  • Do you offer promotions and deals?

Any future deals or offers will be posted on this website & our social media.  Follow us on Instagram & Facebook!

  • Can I re-watch the videos?

Yes!  Once you’ve subscribed to a show, you can re-watch as often as you wish.

  • Do I get money off if I recommend to a friend?

We would love you to recommend us when you like what you see – we currently don’t have a reward scheme but any special offers will be posted here on Picture This TV website & our social media.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!